There are numerous ways to write the same piece of content.  Pick a topic and the approach you’ll take will differ widely based on who you want reading it.

Take content marketing, for example.  If you’re writing for a content marketer, you’re probably going to provide tactics.  Best practices.  Examples.  Success stories.

Let’s say you’re writing for the VP of Marketing or CMO.  You’re likely writing less about tactics and more about strategy.  You’re likely helping the marketing executive figure out how content marketing fits into their overall marketing mix.

Now let’s say you’re writing for the CEO or CFO.  Do they care about content marketing?  Maybe.  But their interests probably have far more to do with ROI – direct lines to sales, revenue contribution, resource and budget requirements, etc.

Pick any topic and you can likely outline a wide variety of approaches based on who you care most to reach and influence.

Editorial calendars with themes and customer-focused topics are great.  But unless you enumerate specifically who you’re writing for, your great content might still miss the mark and fail to drive the action you want.