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Submitted by Robert Pease, CMO Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing, Inc.

I am a firm believer that success in life is all about follow up.  This is even more important in a business setting where follow up drives a deal, leads to the next discussion, or just gets a first conversation going.

Over the last many years, there have been no shortage of complex and expensive lead nurturing products to hit the market.  They are built for marketing teams and require a fair amount of know-how to properly configure and operate.

Often lost in aPersistIQll of this is the salesperson and their individual needs.  They receive automatically scored leads and often have email campaigns go out with their name on them but as far as automating their one-to-one follow up with prospects, there has been little available.
Enter PersistIQ.

This is a great product designed to automate that core sales follow up process and, while still early on, my conversation with CEO Pouyan Salehi left me convinced this was worth checking out.

What I love most is the individual value to the sales professional.  This is true sales enablement – take steps out, target the right prospect, communicate in a compelling way.

Check out PersistIQ.