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I got my first glimpse at Cintell a few months ago, but the co-founders made me promise to wait until their formal beta launch before highlighting them here.

Simply put, Cintell is poised to change how companies approach, communicate and leverage buyer personas.

Nearly 75% of B2B companies use, or plan to use, buyer personas. But only 85% of personas are being used effectively.

Why? Often times, buyer personas are:

  • Kept in the dark, as hard-to-find documents (such as PDF or PPT)
  • Static, stale and out of date; rarely updated or maintained
  • Created in a bubble without buy-in or collaboration
  • Not a good representation of the full buying committee

Cintell is a cloud-based solution that incorporate a wide variety of data into dynamic buyer personas that change over time as market input changes, creating digital SmartPersonasTM that are available companywide, and always up-to-date.  When the personas change, everyone knows it, has access to the data, and can make go-to-market adjustments accordingly.

No more static PDFs or PowerPoint decks.  Cintell’s buyer personas are dynamic, highly accessible, and integrate directly with CRM and marketing automation platforms.

It’s a big vision, a huge opportunity, and a widening gap in planning and execution for many B2B companies.

Definitely worth a look.

Sign up for the free Cintell buyer persona management tool today, and check out 4 Places to Find Customer Insights to Keep Personas Relevant on this blog by Cintell co-founder and CMO Katie Martell.