We live in an on-demand world where we can signal the need for a ride from our mobile devices (Uber), access and use amazing software that is constantly updated and improved behind the scenes (SaaS), and choose from pretty much everything to be delivered to our homes in days if not hours (Amazon).

For many years startup, high growth and transforming companies have made use of on-demand executives to manage accounting and finance (CFO), human resources and payroll (VP of Human Resources), and software and hardware systems (CIO).

So why not apply that same on-demand model to sales and marketing knowledge and expertise?

A “Fractional CMO” is a way to get CMO-level involvement in your company without having to incur the costs of a full-time headcount. More important than the cost considerations, it provides broad-based and on-demand perspective around best practices in customer acquisition, sales pipeline development, and marketing execution.

Oftentimes it is truly hard to see the forest for the trees and getting caught up in the operational realities of a company can distract from major objectives and reduce focus on execution. A fractional CMO is a focused resource to drive go-to-market activities and has the added benefit of applying best practices and techniques seen across other companies.

Who needs a fractional CMO?

  1. Companies that have an existing marketing team that needs executive level guidance, perspective, and leadership.
  2. CEOs, CMOs and VPs of Sales or Marketing who would like an independent, outside perspective on their business and go-to-market strategy and tactics.
  3. Companies who are planning on hiring a VP Marketing or CMO role that want to get a running start on major go-to-market activities and take the time to find the right hire.

The CMO Practice here at Heinz Marketing becomes an extension of your team by leading team meetings, setting the priorities, and taking responsibility for the outcomes. We work with clients to align our involvement with their needs and major activities so while there are similarities in focus and objectives, each engagement is scoped to the needs of the business.

The work includes both strategic elements as well as tactical execution and some of our previous engagements have included:

  1. Target Markets and Buyers – analyzing and understanding the best market opportunities and the decision makers within them including core value propositions by audience.
  2. Sales Pipeline Execution – a “full funnel” perspective around driving top of funnel leads to middle of the funnel nurturing to end of funnel sales engagement and closing including both systems and process.
  3. Content Strategy and Execution – messaging/positioning and mapping content to the entire buying process including the optimal channels to reach target buyers and their touch points along the buying journey.
  4. Metrics and Measurement – establishing and monitoring key performance metrics like lead growth rate, cost per lead, cost of customer acquisition, and lifetime customer value.
  5. An Executive Voice – adding independent and impartial go-to-market perspective to the executive management team.

A fractional CMO can help you increase qualified lead flow, build integrated sales and marketing processes, and win more business faster by identifying and removing any friction present in customer acquisition efforts.

Sound interesting? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to dig into how a fractional CMO could benefit your company.


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