Social media platforms, such as Twitter, are excellent tools for engaging with Marketing Technology leaders and like-minded colleagues to share ideas, and gain valuable industry insights and connections.

Last year we complied a list of 2015’s most influential marketing technology professionals, you can find it here, this year we wanted to feature the leading women whom have stood out as the most influential in the MarTech community.

Out of the Top 150 MarTech influencers, 32.67% are women. Clearly, there is room for more women to lead the way in MarTech as the industry continues to evolve and expand.

We have identified the Top 30 Influential Women in MarTech based on our research using LittleBird‘s topic and hashtag search, providing us with the insider scores for determining rank results. You may recognize some familiar names, but as the MarTech landscape is ever increasing there are some new leaders to follow too.

These MarTech Insiders are well-versed in the dynamics of marketing technology from Marketing Automation, SalesForce, to Digital Marketing. They are leading women in the MarTech community both on social platforms, and in their careers. Some are leading as entrepreneurs.

Many are senior executives, marketing specialists and analysts innovating with marketing technology at key corporations.  Follow the list below to learn from and engage with the women leading the MarTech conversation.