Sales technology enables and empowers sales people to be more efficient at a host of tasks including prospecting, pipeline management, social selling, nurturing and more.  But what happens when sales people rely too heavily on the technology and forget that their success comes from connecting and building relationships with other people?  I’ll tell you what happens:

  • They lose trust and respect of the prospect they are trying to sell
  • They spend a lot of time churning and burning through their database, never able to build relationships that fuel long-term sales success
  • They just wasted a whole lot of money on their company’s technology investment

Here’s a real-life story to prove my point.

My husband has worked as a loan officer for many years.  He has built his business by referrals often from others in the same industry who have complimentary products and services.  He’s all about finding the right financial tools for his clients.  If his company doesn’t have the right product to fit his client’s needs, he will refer the customer out to his network.  So, it’s important to him to have a good strong network of knowledgeable people he can trust.

Sales Email #1

Three weeks ago, he received an email from another loan officer, we’ll call him “Paul”.  Paul, who was referred by a colleague, sent an email entitled “Stopped by to say hi”.  The email then asked if my husband would be interested in getting together for coffee to learn about each other’s business and programs.  My husband actually replied to this email.  He didn’t receive an immediate response and didn’t give it a second thought.  Until….

Sales Email #2

About a week later, he received another email from Paul entitled “Missed each other” which said that he had emailed my husband last week, tried to set up a time to meet and discuss but never got a response.  My husband replied right away with a day and time to meet.  He then contacted the co-worker who had originally referred Paul and learned that Paul had never stopped by the office to meet my husband as suggested in the original email.

Sales Email #3

Another week went by, and Paul sent a third email entitled “Does your customer leave without you knowing it?”  The body of the email was basically a sales pitch, again asking for a face-to-face meeting.  That is when my husband realized that he was replying to an automated email campaign — essentially wasting his time replying to a bot.

I’m sure Paul did not intend to create this type of experience.  It just goes to show that all the sophisticated tools and technologies in the world cannot take the place of the human touch.  And if you spend your time and money on these tools, you better have a holistic sales and marketing strategy to ensure the right people and processes are also in place.

Sales Technology
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