If you don’t yet have time to create content, your best bet to start a content strategy is to curate relevant content from others.

If you want to start creating content and owning/managing conversations, start with short bursts of content.  LinkedIn makes that extremely easy right now.

Start with an editorial calendar of questions (or pick a topic of the week based on what’s interesting in your industry).  Ideally you use those questions to spark and own conversations, then encourage your followers to engage.

Then start looking for conversations started by others on LinkedIn, and offering your response.  Your followers will be notified of your response and can start “liking” it and responding/contributing on their own as well.

Either way, you get people’s attention.  And instead of worrying about 500+ words in a blog post, you share and win influence 25-50 words at a time.

Fast and easier, but with similar impression-building impact.

And even better, you can get more of your subject matter experts to commit to doing this.  Writing a couple dozen words feels far less intimidating than a full blog post, but will very likely “crack the seal” for some of those experts to help you create longer-form content down the road.