In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

In the meantime, here are some B2B Reads we love:

10 Examples of Effective Re-Engagement Emails
Re-engagement emails play a vital role in the email lifecycle. Thanks for the tips, Scott Cohen.

How to Increase Sales by Mastering the Art of Storytelling
Getting customers to connect with your stories is a great way to make a sale. Great article, Neil Patel.

How Content Marketing is Evolving Heading into 2018
Content marketing is changing constantly. Here’s a look at where it might be heading this year. Thanks, Larry Myler.

The Most Important Factor in Closing a Deal: 3 Ways Modern Sales Pros Build Trust
Great sales people start by building genuine trust with their customers. Thanks for the advice, Jeff Haden.

Work Smarter by Following These 50 B2B Sales Experts on LinkedIn
Some great people to connect with for B2B sales advice. Thanks, Alex Hisaka.

Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You
A great look at how your schedule really affects your work. Thanks for the insight Shane Parrish.

Moving From Selling As An Art To Selling As A Science
Sometimes moving to selling as a science can go too far which can lose people in the process. Great article, David Brock.

How to Repurpose Blog Content Into Short-Form Social Media Updates
If your trying to get more exposure for your blog, here are some great social media tips. Via Social Media Examiner.

11 Expert Tips to Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Ever
No matter how productive you may have been in 2017, there’s always room for improvement. Thanks Rich Bellis.

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Be a Better Marketer in 2018
Some more advice for how to up your marketing game this year. Thanks, Amy Duchene.