There are emails I get once a month that I aggressively despise but for some reason can’t get myself off of their mailing list.

There are emails I get daily that I can’t WAIT to receive and read.

Both instances are part of marketing campaigns, intended to get my attention and ultimately my business.

One is interruptive, an increasing pain that makes me angry.  The other is irresistible, a welcome part of my day and something I often share with colleagues.

So which best describes your marketing?

Tyler Lessard from Vidyard reminded me of this distinction yesterday.  In his words:

I was talking to someone the other day about how we have people ASKING to be put on “our list” because they feel left out when one of their colleagues gets one of our campaigns. I honestly think it’s the greatest compliment I could get as a marketer. It’s all about producing content that genuinely connects with people, and most importantly, either makes them laugh or makes them (want to) cry. A perfect example was our Happy Holidays video campaign this year, check out some of the responses we got from people.

What if your marketing was something people would pay for? What insights or value could you create that flips you from interruptive to irresistible?