I’ve had these guys on our radar for quite some time, and Brian was equally impressed with them at this past week’s MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum.  Here’s his description of Hushly back to our client services team:

Increase landing page conversions, regardless of the MA platform used.  Hushly can reduce the friction from gated content with interesting processes and techniques to achieve conversion responses. 

Hushly can also provide complementary content recommendations based on intent and engagement.  Hushly can detect when a visitor will leave a site before submitting a form for a content asset.  The visitor is given the option of seeing the content asset without requiring a form.  If the visitor wants to download after reading some of the asset, they can then provide an email address. 

Hushly can block competitors and junk email addresses as well.  Apparently they get a significant conversion lift – up to 50%.  They have an impressive customer list and have landed a large number of security companies and work with any marketing automation platform. 

Worth checking out.