10 Ways Attendees Dressed for Success at #MktgNation 2016


By Emma Coulson, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

It’s the conference goers last-minute packing debate: functional or fashionable? Long days of walking and standing or sitting leaves many professionals going for functional, while others smartly select outfits by what will stand out and be noticed in the crowd. Whatever our preference, we all felt right at home in the array of fashion attires at the Marketo Summit 2016 in where else? The city of flair and flash: Las Vegas, Nevada. From the best dressed to the least dressed to the eye-catching, here’s 10 different ways to dress depending on your preference.

1. Comfortable enough to bust a move wherever the moment strikes

Never let your outfit stop you from “getting jiggy with it”.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE

Really. There is no limit. The louder the colors and your bracelets bashing together on your wrist, the better.

3. Calm, cool, sleek and confident

In other words, rock that boss-man or boss-lady outfit.

4. Powerful yet functional

A bold take on the romper with a retro flair. We give this two thumbs up for conference wear!

5. Colorful and edgy


As a marketer, we love design, color and style. So what better way to portray your tastes than a combo of coordinating color schemes?

6. Party on the bottom, business on the top


You know, for those days when you won’t have time to change after the sessions to go party on the town.

7. When in Vegas, “glitter” up


It’s Vegas, so really, get some glitter on your…er, body.

8. Wear that swag, especially if it’s relevant and funny


Politically correct swag goes a long way.

9. On the topic of swag, go bright or go home


If your booth is pink, don’t just stop there. Go with the theme of a bright color for literally every piece of your outfit.

10. Become someone, or something, else


Wardrobe not up to the challenge? Don’t forget about the costume shop. Not only can you transform and channel a new creature, but you can also hide your hangover from the night before.


What outfits did you see at the Marketo Summit that struck your fancy?