3 Steps You Must Take to Learn from Marketing Mistakes


By Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing


Everyone and all companies make mistakes. That’s obvious. The trouble with mistakes always comes after, and with many mistakes, some opportunities come with them. So how do we take the errors we’ve made and grow from them? What we do after making a mistake matters. So here are the three key things you should do to make the best of your mistake.


Yes, this is the first one. Always own up to the mistake you have made and apologize for it. You cannot go any further unless you do this first. If the error is small enough, you can use humor in your apology but always be direct in it.

Reflect and Breakdown

Take time to reflect and then break down what led to the mistake and how it happened. Make sure to note what action or step could have prevented it. Reflecting can often lead to more efficient and effective work processes, so make sure you take the time.


Ensure you take what you reflected on and learn from it. The best lessons are learned from making mistakes. Apply what you reflected on to your work and share it with others so they won’t make the same mistake.

The crazy thing about many mistakes is that they sometimes increase an organization’s positive reputation if handled promptly and correctly. Reminding prospects and readers that there are actual humans on the other side of an ad or email. Companies have turned mistakes into new possibilities, and you can’t be innovative without making mistakes. As members of organizations, we should normalize making errors because they are the only way to grow. Cultivate a culture of learning where it’s okay to make mistakes. So the next time you make a mistake, lean into it.