3 Tips for Framing your Buyer’s Journey at the Account Level


By Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

So your team has put together a buyer’s journey and rolled it out, but then you run into an unexpected problem right before closing the deal. A tertiary influencer on the buying committee caused the deal to fall through. So, what is to be done?

One of the biggest downfalls of most buyer’s journeys I have seen is they are almost always focused on the individual lead rather than the account. Journeys that don’t consider the relationship between buying committee members at the account level cause problems, especially during an ABM transition. To get your buyer’s journey to the next level, here are 3 tips for refocusing your buyer’s journey to the account level.

Incorporate the entire buying committee

Don’t just focus on the primary point of contact or final decision-maker. Build in the complete buying committee into the journey. By only focusing on the core decision-makers, it creates potential blind spots.

Start with an overview

When building a buyer’s journey, start with an overview focused on the perspective of the account. What are the actions being taken by the buying committee or the problems the company is running into. What is the business case for the account that the product solves? This type of overview helps to clarify which personas are most important at each stage and what your driving message should be through the buying process.

Take note of which personas are involved at each stage of the journey

Not every persona will be engaged at every journey stage, and there is no need to waste resources by assuming so. By breaking out which personas are involved at each stage, your team will effectively create assets and messages based on who is involved and when.

Whether you’re just starting to build a new buyer’s journey or revising your current one, make sure to consider the full account.