Where Community Really Matters #HelpUkraine


In any community, it’s the “communing” that’s so powerful.

The community is there for each other when things get tough, and also bands together to support outside opportunities when needed. 

Last year, we started the CMOs Give Back program.  It’s a series of GoFundMe campaigns to support worthy causes.  And in just the second half of 2021, CMOs Give Back generated more than $30,000 dollars for a handful of worthy nonprofits. 

Last Friday, we opened up a new campaign directly supporting Ukraine humanitarian efforts.  Specifically, a Ukranian friend in the marketing ops space shared an organization that is directly providing real-time medical and pharmaceutical kits to affected areas throughout Ukraine. 

In just the first four days of the campaign, CMOs Give Back has generated more than $8,000 to fund these urgently-needed kits.  And we’re just getting started. 

If you’re a CMO and not yet in the CMO Coffee Talk community, please join us in contributing to this worthy cause.  And if you’re just reading this and are looking for a way to have a direct positive impact on something horrible happening halfway around the globe, we invite you to join us as well. 

Every dollar matters. 

A growing forum to share executive-level marketing advice and best practices is awesome. 

When we can band together to do something so deeply meaningful for our fellow humans?  That’s really want community is all about. 

To learn more about and/or to donate to our CMOs Give Back #HelpUkraine campaign, click here.