Dan’s App of the Week: Greet Your Hand Raisers with VideoAsk


By Dan Baron, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing 

“People want to see your face…at the end of the day, even though we’re all big businesses there are people behind those businesses. And the most important thing is (to your clients is) “who am I working with?” 

– Nicole Sahin – CEO & Founder of Globalization Partners 

Are You Greeting Your Customers?

We’ve all been there, fielding the same set of questions over and over from people who are considering purchasing. And more often than not, we’ve had to respond with email attachments containing data sheets, presentations, and just about anything that keeps the process moving.

While having a robust content library is critical for assisting your prospects, what if you could meet your handraisers face-to-face before they even raise their hands?

Getting in front of your ideal clients can be challenging – even ones interested in making a purchase. That’s why this week I’m highlighting an app that makes it possible to meet your inbound clients from afar through a personalized video greeting. 

In the past, we’ve discussed ‘Why Inbound Marketing is Important. When looking at buyers, it’s critical to understand that most conclude whether they’re interested in your product or services before ever chatting with a sales rep. Because it is so easy to source information, consumers feel empowered to seek the knowledge and confirmations they need through your website and forums.

While you could implement an AI chat bot to help clients navigate relevant content, according to a Forbes report, more than 86% of consumers prefer human interaction over chatbots. While it would be amazing to always have Sales and Support teams ready to chat with clients on the website, that simply isn’t feasible for most companies. And that, is what VideoAsk by Typeform set out to address. 

What is VideoAsk?

With VideoAsk, your company can create a personalized  videos that serves to welcome your clients, face-to-face. You’ll be able to write and record your own asynchronous videos that allow customers to hear frequently answered questions, promotion details, or even warranty checks. Because of its asynchronous nature, you can ensure that the right members of your team act as the face for your brand, helping maintain continuity as the buyer moves through your stages. 

The content you create with VideoAsk is also interactive. With a number of features that will allow you to  build-in… 

  • Survey Tools 
  • Lead Submission Forms 
  • Calendar Integration (Calendly, SquareSpace, HubSpot) 
  • Swipe Transactions 
  • Funnel Visitors in to live video calls 

VideoAsk also has native Speech Analysis tools, allowing for voice commands as well as a way for clients to record their own questions and send them directly to your team. Additionally, VideoAsk utilizes Conditional Logic to make sure your leads get to the right place for the information they need, even externally.  

VideoAsk is easy to use, requiring no previous coding knowledge, giving you the ability to embed it in to outreach emails, add on to websites as a widget or iFrame, or even just share it directly as a URL. We’ve discussed ways that you can ‘Optimize Landing Pagesin a previous blogpost, but VideoAsk can easily be utilized in that same fashion. VideoAsk can also be tied in with Zapier. This means that you can easily integrate it with other apps you use, making your workflow even smoother. For example, you can set up a Zap so that any new contact added to your CRM is automatically sent a VideoAsk. Or, you can set up a Zap so that any new customer service inquiry is automatically routed to a VideoAsk. The possibilities are endless.  

VideoAsk also provides robust insights, giving you the ability to find the highlights that matter most. By using powerful filters to drill down and look at your responses and transcriptions in detail, you’ll get a granular view on the performance of each step in your VideoAsk funnel to make sure your candidates find what they are looking for.  

When it comes to your brand, Chat Bots are lacking in the humanity that ultimately makes clients want to work with you. With VideoAsk, you can inject that personal touch into your  landing pages, ensuring your clients know your team as well as your product. 

For fun, please enjoy this sample VideoAsk that will hopefully help you visualize how this great tool could enhance your customer experience.

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