B2B Reads: 7 Ways to use AI in Marketing, 7 Ways your CRM drives growth, the Price of Meetings and more


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please email me.

7 Ways to Use Chat GPT in Professional Services Marketing By Jason Mlicki
The possible applications of generative AI in marketing seem endless. Getting started feels daunting for many firms. Here are 7 ways to use Chat GPT in professional services marketing right now.

7 Ways Your CRM Can Drive Revenue Growth By Marijana Kay
CRM isn’t just an organizational tool—it’s a powerful strategy that can grow your revenue. It lets you create a fantastic experience for every person you serve, from cold leads to loyal customers. With a CRM strategy, you can build strong relationships and drive your business growth.

5 Tips to Optimize your CRM Costs By Juliane Waack
Basing the worth of a CRM system solely on its pricing is usually not the best idea for success but cost optimization helps to get the best out of your solution with no cent overspent.

AI, Without the Angst – Use It Without Losing Your Customers’ Trust By Lisa Lee
Some companies are AI-ifying their products without ensuring customer data is 100% protected. Here’s how your business can leverage the productivity gains of AI without giving away your most sensitive data.

The Most Important Sales Skills You Must Master NOW By Marc Wayshak
Effective selling ultimately comes down to a few key sales skills. By having the right skillset, salespeople can significantly increase both their sales and their take-home income.

Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Referrals By Joanne Black
Your team knows a lot of people, who in turn know a lot of people. So, why aren’t they getting referrals at scale? Because they haven’t asked everyone they know.Read on to and ask yourself these questions to gauge whether your team is ready to start getting referrals.

How to Work in Crazy Times By Jill Konrath
Feeling overwhelmed? We’re all struggling to find a way to work–and have a good life–in this crazy world we’re in now. That’s why Jill interviewed Jonathan London, a sales guru who’s also an expert in dealing with these challenges. Here’s a clip of what they talked about.

The Price of a Meeting By Anthony Iannarino
Many companies have many meetings where nothing important gets done. But they are also effective meetings when done right. So let’s look at this.