Brenna’s App of the Week:


By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations at Heinz Marketing

This weeks App of the Week is very new to the market, meet! is brought to us by former Bizible and Marketo executives Dave Rigotti, Aaron Bird, and Vic Davis.

Their focus is B2B marketing automation for product-led companies.

The idea came from interviews within the marketing community where the common theme was, the marketing charter is expanding.

In their product unveiling demo, Dave discusses how every new era had a critical piece of software that helped unlock it’s true potential.

Marketo for the Content Era, for the Outbound/ABM Era, and now for the Product-Led Era.

Inflection is a full solution for B2B product-led companies including:

  • Email marketing
  • PQL alerts
  • Email editor
  • Automated workflows
  • CRM lead management
  • and more!

The platform has a modern look and feel that’s user friendly and even uses terms everyone will understand! No more company specific jargon to further complicate things.

One thing that makes Inflection different is that it’s the only B2B marketing automation solution built with product activity data and CRM data, in one view to create a single view of the customer.

They can bring in all of your data tables within an hour of setup.

Another differentiator is that Inflection is the only B2B marketing automation solution built to scale, you won’t be limited by it’s features and functionality!

Also, they have a usage-based pricing model so you won’t have to delete contacts to stay under a certain limit.

There’s so much more to this platform and we’ve only scratched the surface here.

Check out their YouTube to learn more about product-led growth and

If you’re in a PLG role or interested in the topic, consider joining their community

Here you’ll find the greatest minds in PLG and where Dave found the inspiration for