Brenna’s App of the Week: Relevvo


By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

I’m responsible for managing a bi-weekly meeting for our Client Service team. Sometimes we have vendors provide demos and teach us about their product/solution so we can better serve our clients. One of those vendors is Relevvo, an AI-powered platform that helps Sales and Marketing leaders 2x their pipeline generation with smaller teams and smaller budgets.

To put it simply, they automate the process of engaging with companies that are the most ready to buy and hold the highest pipeline value for you right now.

They took the idea or popular concept of Efficient Growth and ran with it. Budget and headcount are decreasing while revenue, pipeline, meetings, and leads are increasing – companies need to be able to do more with less.

The importance of focus

It’s a no brainer that from a sales perspective, you don’t want your sales reps to be wasting time on account that aren’t likely or less likely to close.

From a marketing perspective, don’t waste time and money on advertising and media programs that aren’t going to be successful. Goals are increasing but when budgets stay the same, you have to get smart and efficient in terms of where you spend your money.

What does Relevvo do?

Their AI-powered platform automatically tracks buyers’ online presence for signs that they have a high need and readiness for your solution. They then automate persona-based plays across Sales and Marketing teams to help reach all of your targeted personas with relevant messaging. The combination of focus and automation can more than double your pipeline conversion rates.

To dive in a little more…

Focus on your top accounts. Relevvo’s AI tracks activity like SEC filings, job postings, social media posts, and more to identify signs of fit for your use case. Companies are scored based on their fit with your use case so Sellers and Marketers can focus on targeting those that have the highest pipeline value for you right now.

Reach all the right personas. Relevvo integrates with your Sales ecosystem to track activity by contact and by persona for each of your accounts. They will identify and source missing contact to ensure that you reach out to all the relevant personas for your best-fit accounts.

Engage with relevant context. Identify pains, needs, and initiatives signals from your buyers’ digital footprint including SEC filings, job listings, social media, and many more. Building this relevant context into your Sales and Marketing messaging dramatically boosts buyer engagement and more than doubles the conversion rate to pipeline.

Improve effectiveness continuously. Relevvo continuously monitors how each fit signal is influencing your pipeline. Understanding the relative impact of firmographic, initiative, pain, and technographic attributes helps you zoom in on the ones with the most impact. This real-time visibility into what’s driving your pipeline helps you iterate your targeting and messaging so you can continuously boost your effectiveness.

We went through an exercise with Relevvo where we identified best fit conditions based on firmographics, initiatives, tech stack, pains, and events. We then provided Relevvo a list of prospect accounts with domain names. They uploaded that information into their platform and scored the accounts based on the conditions we defined. This shows us the accounts that have the best current use case fit for Heinz Marketing – it was really interesting to see!

On a more personal note Aashish, one of their founders and CEO, joined the meeting along with Pearce Burkett, who heads up Growth. They have both been great to work with and have shared so much information about Relevvo and what it can do. If you’re interested to learn more, I would recommend reaching out! Also check out their website and more importantly their blog. They have a ton of great content on there!