Brittany’s App of the Week: Flipboard


By Brittany Lieu, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Although I am no longer in the business of media monitoring as a PR specialist, part of me will always be keen to consume news that is most relevant to me. Whether that be getting local updates on the COVID-19 situation, specific industry news, or maybe content marketing inspiration, Flipboard curates a news feed for you.

What is Flipboard?

Available to IOS, Android, Window users and on desktop browsers through their website, Flipboard is the smarter way to get your news. The app quite literally allows you to flip (aka. swipe up) through three different tabs labeled “For You,” “Daily Edition,” and “Today’s Picks” with each feed offering a unique curation of local and national news stories from leading publications.

How To Curate Your Feed

As many B2B marketers may already know, personalization creates value. Build a news feed that is valuable to you by following tags specific to professional or even personal interests. Based on the tags you choose to follow, from general topics like #business and #travel to more specific topics like #B2Bmarketing or #contentmarketing, Flipboard will show you articles that are most relevant and timely.

Expertly curated collections created by the Flipboard editorial team, like “The Daily Edition,” “10 for Today,” “Tech Digest,” “The Tastiest” and more, are also ways to read up on what’s trending.

Flip Content into ‘Magazines’

Under your profile, you’ll also be able to create what Flipboard calls “smart magazines” or what I like to think of as Pinterest but with news articles. Here are a few purposes for creating personalized magazines:

  • For a passion – automatically get stories from influencers, enthusiasts and related topics you follow
  • For reading specific sources – a mix of content formats or specific sources
  • For sharing in a group – invite friends, family and teammates
  • For collecting – collect and save stories either for yourself of to share with the community

Get Flipping!

Inundated with news everyday, I find using an app like Flipboard helpful when it comes to combing through the noise and finding what I want to spend my mornings reading about. With other personalization features, Flipboard can really change how you find news and content that resonates most with you!

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