Brittany’s App of the Week: Tasty



In this week's app of the week, discover Tasty an app created for foodies. Explore how this app can help you reimagine your next at-home meal as a digital meal planner, cookbook and inspiration hub.

By Brittany Lieu, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

What do expert marketers and good cooks have in common? “Mise en place,” which literally translates to “everything in its place.”

As Anthony Bourdain elaborates, this french saying explains how the practice of readiness is every chef’s secret ingredient. Whether it’s planning the many components of a multi-channel campaign or preparing to chef up dinner, it’s all in the prep work. 

This week’s app, Tasty, has proven to be one way I optimize my approach to planning for and executing new recipes.



About the App

The Tasty app is a digital meal planner and cookbook for those looking to spice up their rotation of weekly breakfast, lunches and dinners. There are many places to find new meal ideas, like Pinterest, Instagram pages, and blogs, but this app makes it easy to browse, save, and follow recipes.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be met with a feed of popular, trending, and categorized recipes. Scroll through recipes and find meal ideas based on meal types (like appetizers, sides, snacks, lunch, etc.), occasion, cuisine, and difficulty.

My Favorite Features

Step-by-step Mode – Nothing beats a handwritten recipe card, but the Tasty’s app “step-by-step” mode makes things so much easier for a learning cook like myself. Once you’ve chosen the recipe, scroll past the ingredients list and enable “step-by-step mode” to see each instruction appear on your screen in sequential order. Tap through each detailed instruction and never miss a step!

What’s in Your Kitchen – Don’t feel like making a trip to the store? Use the Tasty app to make the most of what you already have using the “What’s in your kitchen” feature. On the “Discover” tab, tap on the search bar. Once you do, you’ll see “What’s in your kitchen?” at the top of the screen. Tap on the button and enter 3 ingredients you currently have and the app will generate recipes you can make. 

Filter for Dietary Restrictions – Leading a gluten, dairy and/or meat free lifestyle? Filter or directly search for recipes that meet your needs. This allows you to pick and choose from a variety of recipes without having to worry about ingredient swaps. 

Heinz Marketing’s Best Recipes

Although we are a team of marketers at heart, we are also admittedly avid foodies and cooks. 

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