Eight Winter Olympics themed sales promotion ideas


winterolympicsWhether you love sports or just have a healthy dose of homeland pride (or both), the Olympics are a unique every-other-year event that creates numerous memorable moments.  To leverage this year’s Winter Games to drive performance from your sales organization, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Medal count predictions
Better get on this soon (like in the next couple days), but have your team fill out their predictions for either every event or the most popular events. Keep track of who has the most correct picks over the next couple weeks. If a correct pick and performance achievement happen on the same day (prospecting activity, # of demos confirmed or completed, etc.), they either win a prize or get in a drawing for a bigger prize (either that day or at the end of the Games).

2. Daily medal predictions
Get predictions for the next day’s events. Same general ideas as above – if you get the most right or get all of them right AND hit your performance goal, you win.

3. Hockey skills challenge
Set up some targets in a meeting room and give reps a wooden hockey stick and rubber puck. See how many targets they can knock down. The more they hit, the more they win. Based on achieving a performance goal the previous day, of course. If you’re feeling particularly bold, put your reps in roller blades and have them play three on three. First team to get a goal gets a prize. No checking or high-sticking please!

4. Put your VP in tights
If your entire sales team hits an aggressive goal by the closing ceremonies, your VP of Sales will wear a figure skating outfit the next day. Or your CEO. Whatever works.

5. Sales biathlon
This is among the strangest but also most interesting sports. Two basically unrelated sports (cross country skiing and shooting) combined to see who has the most overall skill. What if you similarly combined two sales skills into a sales biathlon? Maybe talk time and demo conversions. Or self-prospecting success and renewal conversions. Something like that.

6. Speed skating power hours
Combine dials and talk time so that reps get credit for hitting both hard. Whoever has the highest combined score by the end of the hour wins.

7. Cross-country endurance contest
The long-distance cross-country ski events are the marathon of the Winter Olympics. Similarly, which reps on your team can sustain solid performance for the entire two week period? We’re not talking averages here. We’re talking sustained performance every day, consistently, to win.

8. Make up your own winter sports
What about precision snowballing? Office luge (with rubber ramps and Hot Wheel cars)? Broom hockey in the training room? Get creative and have run!

Curious what Olympic-themed promotions you have planned already for the next couple weeks…