Finding your genius zone


What’s the one thing you love to do, that you’re better at than anybody else?

No matter how humble you may be, there’s an answer to this question inside you.

You may have been thinking about it for a long time, or it may take a long time of thinking to bring it to the surface.  But each one of us has one.

Now, what if you could spend the majority of your time on that one thing?  What if you could focus your job, your profession, your life on that one thing?

How happy would that make you?  How fulfilled would you be? How much value could you bring to your job, your organization and others?

That’s your genius zone.

At an entrepreneur event three years ago, we went through a full-afternoon exercise to uncover each other’s genius zone.  It was an afternoon of discovery, deep thinking, with plenty of laughing and crying.

But at the end of the afternoon, everyone had an answer.

I’ve thought about my answer, my genius zone, literally every day since.

I initially expected to find a way to spend the vast majority of my time in my genius zone.  I saw it as a destination, a goal.  What I have realized over time was that it’s more of a journey.

It’s easy to get pulled in countless random directions each day, let your job or career guide you vs the other way around.  And clearly there will be times when you have to spend time well outside of your genius zone.  There’s no way around this.

But if you know that zone – if you know that one thing you love to do, better than anybody else – it can serve as a focal point to re-calibrate your priorities, goals, time management and attention on a regular basis.

Do a quick Google search for “Finding Your Genius Zone” and you’ll find quite a few guides to do this on your own.  Scan a few, find one that suits you, block off some time, turn off other distractions, and find your genius zone.

I bet you won’t be able to stop thinking about yours either.