Heinz Marketing’s 2021 NYE Songs and Drinks


By Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Is there a better way to close out a year than dancing and listening to your favorite song, and pouring yourself a celebratory drink? We don’t think so! So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own celebration, we’ve compiled our list of songs and drinks to ring out this new year. We hope you have a happy New Year. Check them out below:


Matt Heinz, President

Song: Sky Full of Stars  

Drink Pairing: Blantons (neat)

I’m generally not a Coldplay guy, but this song is awesome. Turn your radio up to 11 and dance around your living room (and put it on repeat!)  


Maria Geokezas, Chief Operating Officer

Song: Let Go by Frou Frou  

Drink pairing: French 75 (with pomegranate to make it even more festive)

This song and the whole album are good background music for a chill New Year’s Eve celebration. Get with your favorite people, mix up a batch of French 75’s, and just enjoy the company as you ring in the new year.  


Payal Parikh, Director of Client Engagement

Song: I See the Light from Tangled

Drink Pairing: Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows

The song cheers you up to look forward and makes you believe that best of life is around you, and you just need to change your outlook and lift the fog.


Lisa Heay, Director of Business Operations

Song: Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande

Drink Pairing: Raspberry Kir Royale  

This refreshing champagne cocktail will help you say “Thank U, Next” to 2021 in style. On to 2022!  


Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant to President

Song: Love God Love People by Dany Gokey  

Drink Pairing: Something bubbly! 

Recipe: Pour some sparkling wine, add fresh fruit like pomegranate or berries  

With all that seems “broken” in the world, the chorus of this song seems so fitting:  

“Gotta keep it real simple, keep it real simple, bring everything right back to ground zero ’cause it all comes down to this: Love God and love people. We’re living in a world that keeps breakin’, but if we wanna find the way to change it, it all comes down to this: Love God and love people.”


Cherie Singer, Business Development Manager

Song: In My Life by The Beatles

Drink Pairing: Manhattan  

Though it has nothing to do with New Year’s – it feels nostalgic and bittersweet about the past – and it’s just a damned great song. A Manhattan pairs well with everything!  


Tom Swanson, Engagement Manager

Song: Still Alive by Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories  

Drink Pairing: Sapporo 

I am still alive… hopefully, and a cold beer is always welcome.  


Jamie Montoya, Engagement Manager

Song: Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney  

Drink Pairing: New York Sour  

Balance out all the New Year’s Eve treats with this whiskey sour topped with a red wine float.  


Brenna Lofquist, Sr Marketing Consultant & Client Services Operations  

Song: Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey  

Drink Pairing: Clayton’s Holiday Margarita  

Keep it festive with this tasty tequila cocktail while you forget about 2021, and don’t stop believin’ that 2022 will be a better year…  


Lauren Bensussen, Sr Marketing Consultant

Song: Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)  

Drink Pairing: Dirty Martini  

Recipe: Papa Aaron’s Way: Bone-dry (no vermouth), straight-up, shaken-not stirred! With 2 olives  

This combo conjures up memories of my dapper grandfather Aaron twirling my dazzling grandmother Edie across the dancefloor. Chivalry ain’t dead!  


Michelle Voznyuk, Sr. Marketing Consultant

Song: You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates  

Drink Pairing: Pomegranate Mojito  

Love a classic song and a fun drink to ring in the New Year!  


Carly Bauer, Marketing Consultant

Song: The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars  

Drink Pairing: Spiced Cranberry Margarita Recipe

Whether it’s the end of the day or the end of the year, we all need a good drink and a lazy day.


Rachel Degginger, Marketing Consultant

Song: Dancing Queen by Abba  

Drink Pairing: Bee’s Knees  

Not normally a New Years’ song, but when I think about a song my friends and I will ALWAYS dance to and sing along with, this is at the top of the list! My cocktail is an ode to the 20’s- the 1920s! A prohibition-era drink.


Cameron Katoozi, Marketing Consultant

Song: Feeling Good – Michael Buble  

Drink Pairing: Apple Cider Old Fashioned

A classic song paired with this classic drink is my favorite way to ring in the new year!  


Brittany Lieu, Marketing Consultant

Song: 22 – Taylor Swift  

Drink Pairing: Sparkling Cider  

Not quite the classic song, but it seemed relevant this New Year.


Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant

Song: Ne Touche Pas Moi – IDLES

Drink Pairing: Spicy habanero ginger beer margarita 

It’s been quite the year, hell, 2 years, so why not bring it out with a bang? This song from IDLES is an absolute banger with a great message, and together with this firey cocktail, it is sure to jumpstart your 2022!


Happy Holidays!