How to get a free copy of Seth Godin’s new book


Seth Godin released Linchpin a couple weeks ago, and it’s a fantastic book. I received an advance copy a few months ago, and received a second copy in the mail earlier this week from Seth, with a request to pass it along.

I’ve done that, and want to pass along my first copy as well. I bought myself a Kindle version, so this first book is still brand-new.

If you want this free, brand-new copy of Linchpin, all you have to do is help me spread Seth’s message. Retweet this post about being indispensable including my hashtag (@heinzmarketing) between now and midnight tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 17) Pacific time. I’ll then randomly select a number between one and however many retweets we have, and the random-numbered retweet gets the book.