Lisa’s App of the Week – Kickoff



This app of the week features Kickoff—daily 1-on-1 remote personal training, customizable to your fitness and nutrition needs.

By Lisa Heay, Director of Business Operations at Heinz Marketing

For this week’s App of the Week post, I want to highlight an app that has literally changed my life this year – Kickoff. You might be wondering what a fitness app has to do with business, but if you head back to my latest post on productivity tips for tired professionals, you’d see that first and foremost, a healthy body feeds a healthy mind which helps to optimize your work day.

Kickoff is an app that offers daily 1-on-1 remote personal training. It’s customizable to your needs, and includes nutrition coaching, exercise planning, and direct accountability with a real person every day.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started—first there is a short questionnaire to gather information on your fitness goals and some basic demographics. Are you trying to lose weight? Train for an event? Recover from an injury? What have been your biggest fitness hurdles in the past? 

Based on your answers, you’ll have a list of Kickoff trainers to browse and choose from. You can meet with the coaches via video call, and talk about your goals and challenges even further in order to find the right-fit coach for you. 

For me, it was important to find someone who understands the fitness challenges I face at my age and stage of life as a busy, working mom. But if you’re matched with a coach who you’re not happy with, you can change it up at any time.

Personal Training Program

For me, the program mainly consists of 30-40 minute strength-based video workouts assigned to me each workday, created by my coach in her own living room. If following along on video isn’t your thing, they can also provide you a list of the exercises you can do on your own.  

My coach also checks in with me via text each morning to see how I’m doing with it all and monitor my progress. If I miss a workout at my normal time, she knows it.

I’ve never been motivated to exercise at home, but having the accountability of my coach (Hey, Rhoda!)—someone who isn’t a friend or family member—texting me each day with encouragement, has been a game changer.


You’re probably wondering how much this all costs. If you’ve ever looked into personal training, perhaps you were turned off by the often hefty price tag (like me), but Kickoff is affordable—just $3 a day for their standard plan, which includes a personalized workout plan and nutrition guidance and daily check-ins. 

I’ve found it comparable to a lot of gym memberships in my area—from the safety of my living room for those still hesitant to be in groups in-person. 

You too can find 30-minutes in your day to improve your health. Kickoff is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. Check it out, browse their FAQs to answer the rest of your burning questions, and get started toward meeting your fitness goals!

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