Lisa’s App of the Week: Rev



This app of the week features Rev—build and prioritize targets that look and act like your best customers so you'll know who to contact next.

By Lisa Heay, Director of Business Operations at Heinz Marketing

Our Client Services team recently gathered for a demo with Rev. What a cool platform, and one that addresses a dire need in demand generation and prospecting.

Rev is focused on providing a better pipeline—in quality and volume. In short, Rev answers the question, “Who should we be talking to?” 

You might have a list of target accounts, or an ideal customer profile built out, but do you still find yourself wondering where to start? Which of these accounts are a good bet?

Rev can help prioritize your current list of targets, or find a whole new set you never even thought to go after. Not only that, they surface those accounts that are fit and ready for sales. They feed the funnel with highly accurate matches so that your funnel performs even better.

Why is this important?

When you engage with the wrong prospects. Every step that follows is wasted. 

~40% of research and outbound time is wasted. 50-80% of 5-star opportunities are missed, and up to 66% of leads are low-fit and clog the funnel.

That’s where Rev comes in.

They focus on measuring and understanding a target prospect’s propensity to engage, by

  • building accurate targeting with their aiCP (artificial intelligence customer profile);
  • using that aiCP to build target account lists, and, best of all;
  • it fits into your current processes.

Instead of relying on perceived similarities between your best customers, “aiCPs offer a more precise, efficient, and comprehensive way to target demand generation campaigns than ever before.”

Key Capabilities

Rev’s key capabilities include the following:

  • Ranks and scores target lists and incoming leads
  • Prioritizes audiences and suggests right method of engagement
  • Identifies 50-80% additional net new targets
  • Highlights what your customers and prospects have in common
  • Integrates with your current sales automation and marketing systems like SFDC, Outreach and ZoomInfo
  • Provides filtering options for job functions and titles
  • Tracks status of contact engagement

What makes them different? Exegraphics

Many companies focus on firmographic data when defining their ideal customer profile—like industry, company size, location. But Rev is different. 

They’re able to pull what they call exegraphics—how a company executes and operates. Think of it as psychographics from an account perspective. Are they early adopters of new technology or late adopters? Do they use the cloud? Are they B2B or B2C focused? Are they risk averse? The list goes on.

Rev has over 500 data points to measure by, adding to how they’re able to distinguish between a good prospect and a bad one.

Rev’s data is acquired by a number of sources:

  1. Online: Scraping company summaries, LinkedIn, employee details, etc.
  2. Proprietary data
  3. Contracted data sources like Dun & Bradstreet

But the real benefit is their ability to stitch this all together in order to determine how companies execute and buy.

Getting started

Getting started with Rev is easy. As a customer, you’d have a dedicated CSM to help you along the way. It takes just a few minutes to build out your first aiCP based on a seed list of your top 10-20 ideal customers, and a few days to develop custom lenses based on the top 5-6 exegraphics. AI will then match the aiCP to Rev’s 7M company database.

Rev even integrates with your CRM – Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics (or any CRM that can take a CSV input) – to surface patterns in closed/won business, understand accuracy and trends within your pipeline by opportunity status, etc.

Once you have your list, your team will be primed for better messaging and outbound efforts and can go after those accounts more effectively. Top accounts could get the 1:1 communication, and the others that maybe don’t hit the bullseye but are still valuable, could be entered into a 1:Many outreach campaign. 

For more information

For more information on their solutions, visit

Also, check out a recent Sales Pipeline Radio episode titled “Leveraging AI to Find Your Best Prospects” where Matt Heinz interviewed Rev’s CEO, Jonathan Spier.