Marketing And Branding, There’s More Than Two Ways About It


By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing

Isn’t it absolutely fascinating when you give a class of kindergarteners the same art prompt, they all come up with a completely different masterpiece?

I just love the variety, uniqueness and sunshine we all bring to the world.

I also really love words and so I especially enjoyed a recent LinkedIn post from Brandon Redlinger, Sr. Dir. of Product Marketing at who so succinctly demonstrates the nuances and differentiators of branding and marketing.

From Brandon:

Marketing is HOW
Branding is WHY

Marketing is short-term
Branding is long-term

Marketing is tactical
Branding is strategic

Marketing is about promoting
Branding is about positioning

Marketing captures value
Branding creates value

To build a lasting company, you must focus on BOTH!
Do you agree?

What would you add?

Here’s what I gleaned from the comments:  

  • Jennifer Lim Lund:
    Marketing captures demand
    Brand creates demand
  • Silviu Tulbya
    Marketing is about getting yourself out there
    Branding is about knowing who you are
  • Don Bates
    Marketing is about packaging and sustained selling
    Brand is about sustained corporate identity
  • Jeremy Merrell Williams
    Marketing is the action of communicating the value of a product or service to customers
    Branding is the strategy that creates a unique name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that identifies a product or service and differentiates it from others
  • Coleton Hutchins
    Marketing materials walk in the door with you
    Branding walks in the door before you
  • Lyndon Johnson
    Marketing exchanges value (for an action that can be financially beneficial, but not always)
    Branding is about values (what an organization stands for)
  • Mark Stouse
    Marketing is machinery
    Brand is the grease
  • Amanda Groves
    Marketing delivers/keeps the promise
    Branding builds promise
  • Srikrishna Swaminathan
    Marketing is Demand Capture
    Branding is Demand Creation
  • John Rougeux
    Marketing is about selling what you have to offer now
    Branding is about selling people on the journey you’re going to take them on
  • Michal Eisikowitz
    Marketing is getting the word out
    Branding is defining what that “word” is

I just LOVE how so many people can talk about the same thing and yet find so many ways to say it… and they all bring color to the picture.