MoM Links for June 7, 2007


Are your customers your friends?: Read how Maker’s Mark took humble beginnings and changed the way they look at customers (with great results).

Craig On Breathing: Good, short interview with Craig Newmark of CraigsList fame, with a particularly good suggestions for reducing stress (hint: breathe slower)

The Power of Scarcity: Steve riffs on when scarcity is good, and how you can put it to your advantage to create demand, premium demand.

Beer can make you more remarkable: This post is about blogging, but its lessons go far deeper. Drink and read responsibly.

YouTube for Entrepreneurs: And there’s not just one! is about to launch, but so are ‘competitors’ from Business Week and Incuby. Ain’t nothin’ like a video business plan!

Bullets Kill: People AND Power Point presentations. Cliff has a new idea, worth checking out.

Applying the 80/20 rule to your life: Here are 20 ways to get you started.