MoM Links for May 15, 2007


FlickrVision: Caution, this is addicting. See what people all over the world are taking pictures of, right now.

What would a helicopter see: How would your business look from 5,000 feet in the air? And what would you do about it?

Now This Is A Video Conference: It’s like looking across the table (even when you’re across the country). Also reviewed by Forrester here.

Vice President of Reception: Great post and ideas by Seth on how to get the most marketing power out of your front desk. These are ideas you can put to work for your business today!

Customer-Centric Selling: A great vision for why the way you’re operating sales & marketing today is likely outdated.

ROI Explained: Pictures make things so much clearer sometimes.

The Five-Second Rule Works!: Sort of. But at least we now have facts to back up the myth. Pick up that food!

It’s Easy Being Green: Especially with tools like these, to help you determine your CO2 emissions, then create a plan to reduce them.