New Research: The New Sales Enablement Standard


By Jamie Montoya, Client Engagement Manager

In collaboration with Mindtickle, we surveyed over 280 sales and revenue leaders to discover tactics, processes, and technologies today’s sales teams use to build comprehensive and effective sales enablement programs.

Our research aimed to explore the importance and need for investing in a comprehensive sales readiness strategy to drive a continuous state of excellence within revenue organizations. The data shows B2B organizations who optimize their traditional sales enablement strategies to help sellers develop their capabilities have a higher propensity to meet their revenue goals. Click here to access the full research report.

2021 Sales Enablement Insights

Here’s a high-level look at the most valuable insights we uncovered.

  1. Sales teams with highly defined key performance metrics have higher success reaching sales quotas.
    Defining an ideal rep profile (IRP) and setting clear performance expectations is crucial to seller success. Key performance metrics provide an immediate baseline of sellers’ overall performance.
  2. Companies with dedicated sales enablement programs are more likely to meet their sales quotas.
    Traditionally, sales or marketing teams manage the sales enablement strategy. However, in today’s selling environment, teams that have dedicated sales enablement programs and break down silos by involving multiple functions are most likely to achieve revenue goals.
  3. Prioritizing continuous improvement and customized training is a catalyst to a seller achieving revenue goals.
    Building seller knowledge starts with onboarding but is most effective when continuously reinforced throughout a seller’s career. Without practical reinforcement of the knowledge, sellers begin to forget, and performance suffers.
  4. Sales coaching is the missing puzzle piece to building sustainable seller optimization and revenue attaining teams.
    Most respondents who have effective continuous coaching experiences reap the benefits of an improved learning library, increased engagement from managers and sellers, and improved overall onboarding and training processes.
  5. Practice is important, but teams struggle to optimize resources to improve their programs.
    Practice is ranked as the highest area of importance, but it is one of the least utilized tactics of sales enablement programs.

Sales Readiness is more than a mindset, it is a transformation

The teams who will thrive in today’s competitive selling landscape will ditch traditional sales enablement mindsets and embrace sales readiness by operating in a data-driven, continuous improvement approach.  To learn about how you can foster a sales ready team, we invite you to download the full report today.