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Jon Miller did not disappoint. But you might be disappointed you missed this!

By Sheena McKinney, Business Operations & Marketing Assistant at Heinz Marketing

We scored none other thanJon Miller, (former co-founder of Marketo, former CMO at Demandbase, and previous CEO and founder of Engagio) for a fireside-style chat at our latest Inner Circle gathering.

And did he dish.  We got the back story on Jon’s evolution through MarTech.  Names were mentioned.

If you know Jon, you know he is generous with sharing insight, adding value, and expressing gratitude for those along the journey. 

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He answered some hard questions:

  • Why Attribution is a waste of time?
  • How is not adopting an attribution methodology not just a GTM leader who wants to live in ambiguity/doesn’t want to do the work?
  • If the last 10 years, most successful CMO’s had to be good at math, what do they need for the NEXT 10 years? (this was so good!)
  • What should CMO’s be responsible for?
  • Why he really left those big companies?
  • What’s next for Jon? We got the scoop on his NEW company! (hint:  it involves AI).

More from Jon:

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