Secrets of B2B Positioning and Sales Mastery: Insights from April Dunford



In the dynamic world of B2B sales and marketing, mastering the art of product positioning and storytelling can make all the difference.  Who better to show the way than April Dunford?

By Sheena McKinney, Business Operations & Marketing Assistant at Heinz Marketing

Have you ever wondered what sets successful B2B sales and marketing professionals apart? What strategies do they use to craft compelling product positioning and sales pitches that resonate with customers and win deals?

We were incredibly lucky to have global leader on positioning, April Dunford, join us to share her invaluable insights on mastering product positioning and crafting standout sales pitches. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the burning questions that were addressed during this transformative Heinz Marketing Inner Circle session:

  1. How can you ensure your product positioning is crystal clear and compelling to your target audience?
  2. What are the key elements of an effective sales pitch that captivates and persuades potential customers?
  3. Why is there often a disconnect between marketing messages and sales conversations, and how can this gap be bridged?
  4. What strategies can be used to educate prospects on the “problem behind the problem” and position your solution as the best choice?
  5. How do you tailor your pitch for different audiences and market segments to maximize impact?
Heinz Marketing sales enablement best practices guide

In her books, “Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It” and “Sales Pitch: How to Craft a Story to Stand Out and Win,” April outlines practical frameworks and methodologies that empower B2B professionals to excel in positioning their products effectively and delivering compelling sales narratives.

Would you like to get in the room with experts like April?

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Next Heinz Marketing Inner Circle session (always the 2nd Wednesday of the month) is a live, interactive conversation with Keith Roberts, Co-Founder of the OAK Journal about the power of habits.  Keith is a transformational speaker and expert on leadership. He is known for his dynamic and engaging talks that inspire people to reach their full potential.

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