Rachel’s App of the Week: Pinterest


By Rachel Degginger, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Despite this time of the year being the rainiest here in Washington, it is also my favorite time of the year. The late fall, moving into winter season. I love the back-to-back celebrations, the beautiful colors, and it is this time of the year when I hit my peak jolly levels. I love to plan, but sometimes I need a little inspiration. Enter one of my favorite apps: Pinterest.

How it works:

Pinterest allows you to create digital inspiration boards for anything you are looking for; From home décor to must-see travel destinations, from recipes to fashion, from vintage images to modern day musings. It provides an opportunity to gather your thoughts and inspiration into one location and organize them in a visually appealing way.

When you find an image you like, you have several feature options. You can reorder and rearrange your pins to whatever way makes the most sense to you. There are also several sharing options to share your pins across social media, send it to others, and copy the link to refer back to. You can also edit your pin and add notes for yourself to refer back to.

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Favorite feature:

My favorite Pinterest feature is the view similar products option. It makes it so easy to find a similar product to the one displayed in my pinned image. Not only does this allow me to try to track down what I’m looking for, but it also gives you additional pieces that you may like or look good with your pinned image. This also enables you to discover cool, new brands and track down unique, curated items.

Whether it’s planning your interior décor, discovering new holiday recipes, collecting exciting articles, or putting together gift lists for family and friends, Pinterest is an amazing tool to help you discover something new all year round.

For more information, check out their site: Pinterest

And download for Apple and Android here!