Sheena’s App of the Week: Tango


By Sheena McKinney, Business Operations and Marketing Assistant at Heinz Marketing

In any category of apps, there are just so darn many to choose from.

It’s easier than ever to find reviews and comparisons with a simple search.  And even more powerful with sites like G2. logo

Tango is both an app and a Chrome Extension.

In their “About Us” they describe themselves as: We help people do more of the work that matters.

I love this and it aligns so well with the purpose of Heinz Marketing!  We are Pipeline experts dedicated to making a meaningful impact on clients, careers, and community.

So what is Tango? (it’s not the gift card company).

Tango instantly turns what you know into step-by-step guidance—no videos, meetings, or screen shares required.  It creates interactive walkthroughs, in seconds.

How it works

Explain anything to anyone without jumping on another screen share

Capture any process, in seconds

Turn any process into a beautiful, shareable how-to guide with perfectly cropped screenshots. Click “Capture,” get to work, and we’ll handle the rest.

Personal guidance for everyone

Interactive walkthroughs tell you exactly what to do and where to click, without ever leaving your screen.

Answers in the flow of work

Get answers to your team where and when they’re needed. No more searching, switching tabs, or getting interrupted. It feels like magic, but it’s just Tango!

Measure your impact

With Tango’s real-time analytics dashboard, you’ll know who’s viewing your Tangos, how often they’re being used, and where people are getting stuck.

And if you’re concerned about security… Protect sensitive information

Find and blur sensitive personal, customer, and company data across text and images with one click.

Share & export

Share your interactive walkthroughs by sending a link, embedding into a website or knowledge base, copying HTML to another doc, or exporting as a PDF.


It plays well (integrates) with all your favorite tools.


Create, edit, and optimize together in your shared team Workspace.

This is so timely for me as I need to update lots of documentation — as it’s always changing… this is a game changer and huge time saver.

As with all “App of the Week” aps featured every Sunday, we are not affiliated with the app, do not receive any kick-backs, and are prompted to share them based on our own discovery and desire to share (they didn’t ask us to share).

Tango is totally free. Just like your time will be. 😉 Get started
(Paid & Enterprise versions also available).