Sheena’s App of the Week: FigJam


By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing

It’s funny how you find a favorite new tool sometimes.  Recently for our weekly podcast, Sales Pipeline Radio, I needed to create a custom, branded “overlay” (essentially a transparent background) for StreamYard which is what we use to live stream to LinkedIn and YouTube every Thursday at 11:30am Pacific.

I found a template and free access to Figma to create the overlay….. and then learned of really fun thing they have called FigJam. It’s an online whiteboard for teams to ideate and brainstorm together.

Available now in beta, FigJam is free for anyone for the rest of 2021!

Easy to learn and fun to use, FigJam is designed for everyone to explore more ideas, together.

Brainstorms – Share, riff, discover, and build on each other’s ideas.

Diagrams – Map out user flows or visualize systems and processes.

Workshops: Make stand-ups, retros, and critiques more engaging.

Moodboards:  Articulate your vision with images, notes, and more.

Express how you feel in the moment.

Give ideas your stamp of approval.

Say something right where you are. Built-in audio functionality makes it easy for teams to “talk it out” without having to pick up the phone or start a video call.

There are tons of templates of all kinds available— I think I’m going to try one of the games with our team on an upcoming Zoom Happy Hour.

How will you use it?