Sheena’s App of the Week: Funnelytics


By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing

Whether or not you are visually oriented… you’re going to love Funnelytics for making your data easy to interpret.

Do you need?

  • An Intuitive UI (Drag & drop your data sources)
  • To Track your customers (Track the flow of your traffic)
  • To Align Your Team (Prioritize projects on impact)
  • Dedicated Support (Unrivaled customer support)

Check out Funnelytics!

Visually Intuitive. Connect your strategy and data in one simple canvas.

A visual whiteboard for your customer data. No more spreadsheets or generic dashboards that no one understands and provide zero insights. Our one-of-a-kind canvas allows you to map your strategy and overlay your marketing data, in a way that everyone on the team understands.

Map out customer journeys and overlay the data

Understand how people are flowing through the funnels you’ve launched, and within a few clicks know which channels are contributing to the most customers.

Understand Your Customers. See all your visitor, lead and customer data in a single snapshot.

As people interact with all of your marketing assets, Funnelytics tracks individual people based on a safe and compliant method. This gives you a single snapshot of your customer’s journey to quickly identify which actions and paths drive the highest revenue

All customer touch-points in one place

From ad click to page visit, from video view to purchase and anything in between. Funnelytics pulls your customer data into one place, so that you can understand how specific actions drive your buyer’s journey.

Make Smarter Decisions. Compare how different segments, actions and journeys impact your revenue.

Create segments, compare campaign results & channel performance, identify current bottlenecks and better segment your customer base to create robust and successful marketing strategies.

Insights without data scientists

Make informed decisions in real-time by easily displaying and filtering your data. Use specific customer actions to quickly identify which channels & funnels are performing the best, and make informed budget decisions on where to allocate your marketing dollars.

Collect & connect all of your customer data across platforms

Funnelytics is platform-agnostic and allows you to extract the marketing data you need, quickly and effortlessly. Connect your CRM data, your paid media efforts and other customer’s journey metrics across all of your marketing platforms.


You’ve got to see it to really appreciate it.  Get started for free here.