Why B2B companies are bringing their creative efforts in-house?


By Mina Guirguis, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Why does it seem that more and more B2B companies are moving from using an external agency for creative work and instead creating a creative agency in-house? While you could argue that there are several factors for this trend, the three I’d like to discuss are cost savings, increased control, and a desire for more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

Cost Savings

One of the main drivers behind the move towards in-house creative services is the potential for cost savings. By hiring their own team of designers, writers, and strategists, B2B companies can avoid the high fees charged by traditional agencies. In-house teams can also be more efficient and responsive, allowing companies to save money on project timelines and reduce the need for outside contractors. For example, an in-house team may be able to quickly create a new piece of marketing collateral or website page without having to go through a lengthy agency approval process. The initial cost of creating an internal team may be high, but for those committed to having a long-term content plan, having your own team saves in the long run.

Increased Control

Another benefit of in-house creative services is increased control over the marketing process. When working with an outside agency, companies must rely on the agency’s expertise and interpretation of their brand. However, by bringing creative services in-house, companies can have more direct control over the creative process and ensure that their brand messaging and visual identity are consistent across all channels. Internal content creators will work more closely with campaign owners and product experts, allowing quicker and more valuable input to be had.

In-house teams can also be more agile and adaptable to changing business needs. For example, if a company decides to pivot their messaging or rebrand, an in-house team can quickly make updates and adjustments without having to go through an agency. This level of control and flexibility can be especially important in fast-paced industries where quick turnaround times are critical.

Personalization and Effectiveness

Finally, and arguably most importantly, many B2B companies are moving their creative agencies in-house in order to create more personalized and effective marketing strategies. In-house teams can be more intimately familiar with a company’s products, services, and target audience, allowing them to create messaging and creative assets that resonate more deeply with customers.

In-house teams can also be more data-driven, using analytics and metrics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make adjustments in real-time. By leveraging data and analytics, in-house teams can create more targeted and effective campaigns that drive real business results.

Challenges of In-House Creative Services

While there are many benefits to bringing creative services in-house, there are also some potential challenges to consider. One of the main challenges is in-house teams may be limited in their scope and expertise, particularly when it comes to specialized areas such as video production or animation.

Another challenge is the risk of creative stagnation. In-house teams may become too comfortable or siloed, limiting their creativity and innovation. This can lead to a lack of fresh perspectives and ideas, which can ultimately hinder the effectiveness of marketing campaigns when not enough new ideas are brining brought in.

Despite these challenges, many B2B companies are finding that the benefits of in-house creative services far outweigh the costs. By bringing creative services in-house, companies can save money, increase control, and create more personalized and effective marketing strategies. The move towards in-house creative services may not be right for every company, it is certainly a trend worth considering for those looking to optimize their marketing efforts and drive real business results.