[Webinar] Enhancing the Customer Experience with Conversational Marketing




With the pandemic and move to a more digitally-focused world, Conversational Marketing solutions have become more important than ever. However, despite the rise in online experiences for buyers, there’s still a gap between what customers expect and the reality of what is being offered to them.

In fact, 59% of users say they would stop using a Conversational Marketing solution if they felt it provided inaccurate information or didn’t answer their question adequately. This means there’s still work to be done. And we can help get you there!

Watch Mark Kilens and Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) discuss how organizations leverage conversational marketing today, what benefits are they seeing, and what they see as the most effective part of their CM programs. You’ll learn about:

  • The challenges that come from using Conversational Marketing solutions
  • Research-backed solutions to drive your conversational marketing ROI
  • How to apply these learnings into your own Conversational Marketing strategy

Watch the recording now!