[Webinar] New Research & Insights on Making the Sales and Marketing Relationship More Effective




It’s no secret, every company wants its sales and marketing teams to be aligned, but so few organizations are able to achieve it. Despite the best of intentions, most companies’ sales and marketing groups are united in goal but divided in practice.. what we’re dubbing ‘The Great Divide.’

Join Allego’s CMO Wayne St. Amand and everybody’s favorite marketing guru, Matt Heinz, as they discuss the HOW of sales and marketing alignment and their respective roles in sales enablement. Hear actionable and research-backed insights to help you build the bridge between these two revenue-essential groups.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 secret to sales and marketing alignment
  • Marketing’s role in sales enablement
  • If sales enablement is even the right name… why not revenue enablement?
  • How to foster sales-obsessed marketers
  • Who should own sales enablement

…and much more.

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