Reimagine Growth: Unlock Revenue Potential with Customer-Led Strategies


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Customer teams today are tackling the challenge of minimizing churn while simultaneously driving revenue growth. While this is a heavy burden to bear, they don’t have to shoulder it alone. Marketing can support customer success in navigating the complexities of post-sales efforts and help companies hit revenue targets. But to do so, there needs to be strong alignment, an openness to collaborate, and guidance from the top-down. 

When marketing and customer success work together, they’re able to attain on average 130% to 150% net revenue retention. Implementing a customer-led growth strategy holds the potential to harmonize marketing and customer success efforts, enabling businesses to hit their goals, even in times of economic uncertainty.  

Want to learn how to establish a unified customer-centric approach across your teams? Watch Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and Julie Persofsky (Founder of Achieve Exponential Growth) in their recent webinar “Reimagine Growth: Unlock Revenue Potential with Customer-Led Strategies”.

You’ll discover: 

  • Tips for fostering a collaborative relationship between marketing and customer success 
  • How to harness the power of your deep customer understanding to identify untapped opportunities for expansion, cross-selling, and advocacy 
  • Proven methods that blend customer-led initiatives with sales best practices for consistent and sustainable revenue generation 
  • Best practices to optimize customer experiences, creating a positive feedback loop that drives loyalty, referrals, and growth 

Unlock the full potential of customer-led growth and ensure your business thrives in the modern B2B landscape. Watch the recording today!