[Workshop] FastFWD: A Playbook For Building Predictable Pipeline




From ideal customers to buying committees; from messaging values to content strategy; from campaign planning to measuring results — what’s needed to build predictable pipeline directly into the DNA of your organization? What’s required to create sustainable positive experiences that in turn create long-term, loyal customers?

Tune into this three-hour workshop titled “FastFWD: A Playbook for Building Predictable Pipeline” with Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and Cheri Hulse (VP of Strategy & Research at ON24) to learn, discuss, interact, and work through the 10 essential stages to create a predictable, profitable pipeline.

Watch now for access to:

  • A three-hour live, interactive workshop with predictable pipeline experts Cheri and Matt
  • The Predictable Pipeline Workbook containing best practices, frameworks, and worksheets on the foundations of creating your own predictable pipeline
  • Understand how — from beginning to end — to organize your internal teams and strategy and build your very own predictable pipeline