[Webinar] Aligning Marketing & Sales Priorities for Predictable Results




Too many companies face a roller coaster of inconsistent sales results, often accelerated by ineffective or random acts of marketing as well as unsustainable fire drills, short-term thinking and a lack of a solid foundation for profitable, predictable growth.

What may have worked in the company’s earlier stages isn’t working now, and the “growth hacking” mindset just leads to inconsistency, more burnout, bad morale and too-often missed objectives. What’s more, marketing’s role and impact in driving sustainable sales growth is nebulous, where at best marketers aren’t able to measure their true impact, and at worst they’re still just acting like the arts and crafts department.

There is a better way.  Based on the best practices of hundreds of successful B2B organizations worldwide, the Predictable Pipeline methodology covers seven key areas of marketing-driven impact that will deliver more proscriptive, reliable and scalable sales pipeline and results in the months, quarters and years to come.

In this presentation we cover strategies, tactics and operational best practices that make today’s most successful B2B organizations more productive, more consistent, more motivated and more successful.

Watch now and learn:

  • How to focus on the target accounts that are ready to buy
  • What it takes to personalize your message at scale
  • Tips for accelerating productivity and optimizing your sales and marketing resources
  • How to right-size your technology, budget and key metrics scorecards
  • Strategies for executing on a more effective review and optimization cadence to drive success

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