What B2B Leaders Need to Know to Adapt, Act, and Grow in 2023




In an era of evolving market dynamics, B2B leaders must learn how to effectively navigate challenges to achieve consistent, scalable growth for their organizations. This year’s Forrester Summit focused on providing insights and strategies to help leaders defy this uncertainty and reach their goals.

To continue the conversation post-event, we teamed up with three industry-leading CMOs to get their perspective on how to put Forrester takeaways into actionable next steps that are meaningful for your business objectives.

Watch Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and Domenic Colasante (CEO of 2X) lead a dynamic roundtable discussion with CMOs Todd Grantham, Kerry Desberg, and Helen Baptist.

They discuss how to:

  • Drive more immediate results by aligning marketing initiatives with your core business goals
  • Supercharge your marketing strategy by implementing technology that amplifies reach and impact
  • Build a strategic roadmap and GTM foundation that scales alongside your business

Their collective experience provides valuable insights for leaders looking to overcome challenges, including proving ROI and leveraging technology to gain a B2B advantage.

Get real life stories and advice from people who have been through this struggle. Watch the on-demand recording and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to drive success forward.

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