What B2B Marketing Will Look Like in 2026




When we think about innovation, we think about what has changed over the years. Today’s innovative strategy could be tomorrow’s broken status quo. 

The best way to keep your edge is to see, or at least anticipate, what’s coming and start getting ready now.

So what will B2B marketing look like in the future? And what should you be doing to prepare?

Join us as Matt Heinz, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, shares his three-year outlook for B2B marketing, along with a checklist of priorities for leaders and practitioners to implement over the next 12-24 months to ensure readiness and improve revenue impact along the way.

From Matt’s 12-item list, you’ll learn:

  • Why data is more important than demand
  • Considerations of complicated buying committees
  • How omnichannel is everything
  • What makes the customer journey a loop, not a line
  • And much more!

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