Harmonizing Efforts for a Seamless ABX Approach

How Influitive leveled-up their inbound marketing engine to accelerate growth


Looking to layer in an ABX motion on top of their successful Inbound engine, Influitive needed a B2B SaaS expert to help accelerate and de-risk their transition to ABX. As that trusted partner, Heinz Marketing provided the Influitive team with the strategic guidance and tactical support to launch a repeatable and scalable ABX motion. 

To help drive demand acceleration, Heinz Marketing used B2B SaaS industry best practices to support key marketing foundation (aka Predictable Pipeline) development and launched an ABM focused, omni-channel campaign. This involved developing processes and training sales and marketing teams around a cohesive account-based approach.  

“It can be easy to bring on a partner and you wind up doing more work—helping them do what they need to do as opposed to leveraging them as a force multiplier. Heinz Marketing actively contributed to the project, digging into the platforms we use with little oversight, delivering something that was market-ready. They were hands on and worked alongside our team to execute. This allowed our internal team to work on other critical tasks and operate at a higher level of efficiency.”

Aaron Dun
Fractional Demand Gen Leader

Laying the Groundwork for Building Predictable Pipeline 

Heinz Marketing audited Influitive’s approach and identified a need to develop foundations for their inbound marketing engine. This included identifying the sweet spot in their target market and defining the buying committee. Aligning with sales on these was very important for a successful ABX approach and growth acceleration. Heinz Marketing interviewed various team members at Influitive, all the way from leaders to client and prospect facing teams to really understand the pain points of their target audience for a solid messaging piece.  

Once this foundational blueprint was in place, an ABX campaign was developed to test the foundations and the processes with the sales team. The campaign was designed to help increase engagement and penetration of target accounts and accelerate pipeline creation. With a lean team, it was crucial to prioritize marketing and sales alignment to allow them to work efficiently. Focusing on pulling the right target accounts into the funnel in a more consistent, predictable way to improve the quality of leads and opportunities, leading to more wins. An ABX rollout playbook was also developed for the sales team to align on the work done and the changes that would come in the sales process. This campaign would act as a sales pilot program for the team to see how both marketing and sales process and engage with leads and accounts based on the new changes. 

I loved working with Heinz Marketing. We were very lucky to have so many people from the team on each call. Having the strength in numbers and the overall organization of the engagement was great.

Dylan Yip-Chuck
Demand Generation Manager

Launching into ABM 

With their marketing foundations in place, Influitive launched its ABM campaign designed to engage leads and accounts with a brand-new approach. With Heinz Marketing’s support, the Influitive team monitored workflow efficiency, made sure the right target account members were being engaged, and channel budgets stayed within range. As technical issues arose, Heinz Marketing was able to jump in and work with the marketing team to resolve issues quickly. 

There were multiple check-ins with the sales team to discuss what is working and what needs a pivot, opening opportunities to better align the sales and marketing teams. 

“We really appreciated the frameworks and processes that the Heinz team brought to the table. They outlined their approach, the work that they do, and how long it was going to take. This made it easy to understand how it was going to play out and assess, “hey, is this what I need?” Having that understanding of what we’re going to see on the other side, made it an investment worth doing.”

Aaron Dun
Fractional Demand Gen Leader

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