Case Study: Market Leader

Market Leader

How Heinz Marketing helped Market Leader build strategic marketing programs during a time of internal turnover


Sarah Daniels previously served as Chief Marketing Officer leading all marketing initiatives for Market Leader, including expanding services to customers, and building brand awareness. Previously, Daniels served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for DreamBox Learning, a highly innovative and award-winning education software company. Prior to this, she served for six years as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Aventail Corporation, a network communications company. Daniels has also been an entrepreneur, co-founding two software companies and successfully selling both. She holds a BS in mathematics from Yale University, and an MBA from Stanford University, where she was an Arjay Miller Scholar.

Describe your business and what you do?

Market Leader provides more than 70,000 real estate agents, teams and brokerage companies with a complete lead-to-close marketing and technology system that enables them to grow and manage their business. Founded in 1999 by a second-generation real estate agent, Market Leader enables success for its customers with subscription-based real estate marketing software, a complete contact management system and advertising products that enable them to generate a steady stream of prospects, plus the systems and training they need to convert these prospects into clients.

What objective did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help and Heinz Marketing specifically?

Heinz Marketing has been valuable on a number of different projects for us, including public relations, customer engagement, business development, and many others that have come up during our relationship. What I really appreciate about Matt and his team is their ability to put on a strategic hat to think through a wide variety of problems and then being able to roll up their sleeves and help us implement those projects. When I joined Market Leader, we were already working with Heinz Marketing. As the new CMO, I got to see their work first-hand, evaluate their progress, and as a result I then chose to continue to have them work on our projects and start new ones as well.

What specifically did Heinz Marketing focus on for your business?

Matt and his team have basically served as our marketing department in a time of internal turnover. They have worked on a broad range of marketing activities for us – from lead generation to PR and sales tools to thought leadership.

What impact did Heinz Marketing have on your business?

As a company, we are going through a period of significant growth and change. The various strategic and tactical programs Heinz Marketing has been involved with have absolutely helped us achieve objectives and grow.

Where did Heinz Marketing surprise you in the value & insights provided?

Matt does a great job of thinking holistically about our whole business and how our various projects fit in to our overall goals. He often surprises me with insights into projects that are slightly tangential to something else he is working on, but valuable none the less.

What’s it like to work with Heinz Marketing?

I really enjoy working with Matt and his team. I am able to have clear, straight-forward conversations built on a foundation of trust and understanding, and know I can count on them both strategically and tactically.

In a referral situation, how would you describe Heinz Marketing and what they can do & enable for another business?

Heinz Marketing can really help with a lot of the strategic and tactical elements of marketing programs, from high-level decisions and planning to the execution of those plans. That broad range of capabilities really makes them valuable.