Case Study: MW Industries

Removing Bottlenecks to Increase Marketing Efficiency

How a marketing overhaul and detailed approach to content and channel strategy accelerated growth for MW Industries


MW Industries approached Heinz Marketing to help accelerate the impact of its demand generation and pipeline development programs. The goal was to create a more predictable go-to-market approach that could increase velocity and conversion of key accounts in the manufacturing industry.

At the time, MW Industries was dealing with long, complex sales cycles and highly technical buyers that were skeptical of marketing and sales. They knew they needed to build a precision marketing engine that could speed up sales and conversion of key accounts but lacked the bandwidth to develop and execute such a program.  

MW Industries searched for a partner in the B2B marketing space who understood the manufacturing industry and could help create an action plan. This involved developing marketing strategies and providing recommendations; like how to target the right type of customer, what content resonates and should be used for each channel, what sales enablement tools/resources are needed to ensure effective lead management, and how to generate the right leads through the sales pipeline to reach their quarterly revenue goals.

[The Heinz Marketing team] were all fantastic. Communication was great and they were very responsive. Probably one of the most important things is that whatever was promised was delivered upon and specifically tailored to us. Additionally, the team remained committed to us until the end and made sure that we got the things that were contracted for even beyond our original timeline. That was really impressive.  

Julie-Anna Dietz
Senior Marketing Manager
MW Industries

Transforming Sales Performance and Generating a More Predictable Pipeline

On two occasions, MW Industries hired Heinz Marketing as a support role and extension of their team.

The first project (2020) was a 6-month engagement that focused on developing the Predictable Pipeline foundations for their Life Sciences division and ended with the successful launch of a multi-channel ABM campaign. As a part of the engagement, Heinz Marketing dove into the accounts most likely to respond to MW Industries’ manufacturing story, products, and offers. With a detailed understanding of their target audience, Heinz Marketing developed specific criteria for account selection and defined the personas and buying committee.

Heinz Marketing also assisted in refining messaging, creating, and repurposing net new and existing content, developing the buyer’s journey, evaluating resources and technology, and determining key success metrics.

After a very positive experience with MW Industries asked Heinz Marketing to re-engage on their components business to help them develop their Ecommerce go-to-market program. A comprehensive strategy was created to increase demand generation and nurture leads with engaging email streams, abandoned cart nurtures, and repeat purchase campaigns. In addition, a content matrix tailored to each stage of the buying journey for buying committee members was created to stimulate internal conversations and accelerate the decision to purchase.

The support went beyond just strategy. Regular engagement and execution support for MW Industries’ marketing team was provided. The Heinz Marketing team monitored monthly and quarterly metrics to ensure continued success and coordinated other campaign components.

The result was a multi-channel enterprise marketing demand generation effort that continues to help MW nurture and convert leads.

“From developing a unique strategic program for our newly launched ecommerce experience to supporting us in campaign execution, the Heinz Marketing team has been collaborative partners every step of the wayOver the last few years, we’ve been able to lean on their marketing expertise as we continue to expand as an enterprise.  

Julie Barakat
Vice President of Marketing
MW Industries

Creating Impact and Measurable Results

With a keen eye on budget and continual adjustments, the Heinz Marketing team enabled MW Industries to jumpstart their marketing efforts with scalable programs.

First, the focus on content assets paid off in a big way. Heinz Marketing significantly increased the number of executive summaries, white papers, data sheets, and educational content tailored to buying committee personas for MW Industries’ Life Sciences division. This led to increased engagement over a long sales cycle.

Second, Heinz Marketing helped deliver exceptional results for post-purchase emails for the MW Components division:

Open rates were 28% for the first email and 23% for the third email, compared to an average of 14.29% for manufacturing and distribution.

Third, an NPS survey strategy was employed to gain customer insights that helped validate digital marketing efforts. Customer comments provided even more data to make informed decisions based on their needs and wants, rather than just theories.

The overall NPS score was an impressive 67 for the MW Components division which is among the top quartile.

But perhaps the biggest non-data benefit, according to MW Industries, was that Heinz Marketing was able to provide significant resources to help MW Industries achieve more than they could have on their own. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and teamwork. As MW Industries put it, “Heinz Marketing is a true extension of our team.”

About MW Industries

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