Case Study: PathFactory

Generating Demand with Data-Driven Content & Personalization

How Heinz Marketing helped PathFactory enhance their customer experiences


PathFactory, a marketing technology company, specializes in content insights and activation solutions that elevate B2B customer experiences through personalized engagements. In a longstanding partnership with Heinz Marketing, they jointly develop industry-focused guides, e-books, webinars, and more to empower B2B sales and marketing professionals.

Additionally, PathFactory collaborated with Heinz Marketing to produce three impactful case studies, showcasing the benefits of their new content intelligence feature, Website Tools. These case studies, derived from customer interviews, offer real-world use cases, compelling narratives, and valuable insights, effectively raising awareness about Website Tools among potential and existing customers.

“The Heinz Marketing team was professional and personable. We were kept informed throughout the project, which was very organized and well-managed. The team interviewed the right customers in a timely manner, found compelling customer narratives to feature in new case studies, executed an insightful webinar presentation, and published a related blog. The project met our expectations, and we look forward to working with Heinz Marketing again in the future.” 

Christine Polewarczyk
SVP Product Marketing and Research

The Challenge: Enabling Customers Through Self-Service Content 

In today’s B2B landscape, buyers are self-directed and prioritize independent research and information gathering before making purchase decisions.

Marketers face the challenge of creating a self-service environment where prospects can easily find the information they need when they need it. To address this, marketing solutions must evolve towards intelligent content delivery systems capable of predicting and delivering the most relevant content to facilitate a swift and informed buying journey.  

Recognizing this growing need, PathFactory introduced its innovative solution: Website Tools, which includes features such as: 

  • Utilizing AI for website content analysis to provide insights into user engagement patterns and visitor interactions. 
  • Offering dynamic recommendations for the optimal next-step content to facilitate self-exploration. 
  • Transforming the B2B buying journey with intuitive pathways from initial interest to decision-making. 

Utilizing the Power of Case Studies as Social Proof

To showcase real-world applications and the potential of Website Tools, PathFactory collaborated with Heinz Marketing to highlight the impacts through a series of case studies grounded in actual user experiences. 

Phase 1: Identification and Outreach 

  • Identified five distinctive customers using Website Tools for varying durations 
  • Drafted individualized emails to each customer 
  • Explained the objective of the interview 
  • Invited them to share their experiences willingly and candidly 

Phase 2: Response and Planning 

  • Acquired positive responses from the customers 
  • Created a structured yet flexible interview framework 
  • Prepared an interview document 
  • Focused on: satisfaction levels, changes in customer engagement patterns, influence on web session durations, repeat visitor rates 

Phase 3: Conducting Interviews 

  • Facilitated interviews echoing individual client journeys with Website Tools 
  • Included discussion points on initial onboarding processes to dynamic adaptations guided by intelligent recommendations from Website Tools 

The Process: Understanding the Needs of the Customer 

To accurately depict each customer’s journey with Website Tools, we maintained continuous communication with customers while creating case studies that spotlighted key moments where the tool transformed their experiences. Similarly, regular check-ins with the PathFactory team ensured timely progress towards our goals and deadlines. 

Each case study began by outlining the client’s background and the initial challenges that led them to choose Website Tools. We then illustrated the transformation achieved through Website Tools by blending analytical data with personal testimonials, emphasizing improved user engagement reflected in longer session durations and increased repeat visits. The studies concluded by reaffirming clients’ satisfaction and their eagerness to leverage upcoming enhancements from PathFactory. 

The Results: Driving Demand Through Personalized Content

As a result of our interviews, the approved case studies are now published on PathFactory’s website. 

In addition to the three case studies, Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, with Christine Polewarczyk, SVP Product Marketing and Research at PathFactory, collaborated and conducted a joint webinar titled “Personalization at Scale: How to Leverage Content Intelligence for Engaging B2B Customer Experiences”.  

Lastly, the project concluded with a blog post on the Heinz Marketing website highlighting the role of content intelligence tools in achieving large-scale personalization that you can find here: The Path to B2B Personalization at Scale: Using Content AI, Automation and Analytics to Optimize Journeys. 


About PathFactory

Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences and virtual events across the buyer’s journey. Using insights and automation to connect people with content, PathFactory removes friction for B2B buyers. PathFactory was recently recognized by Deloitte as one of North America’s Technology Fast 500 and Canada’s Technology Fast 50 companies. It was also named the 2020 Top-Rated Content Marketing Software by TrustRadius, a Summer 2020 Content Experience Leader by G2, and a 2019 Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing by Gartner. Learn more about PathFactory’s Intelligent Content Platform and the companies that use it at