Case Study: Vera Whole Health

When Healthcare Marketing Needs a Booster

How an account-based model positioned Vera Whole Health for long-term success


It is a challenge to engage with a complex buying committee in the crowded healthcare industry—even when your offering is the category leader. That was the case for Vera Whole Health, a Seattle-based organization leading the critical shift to value-based care across the United States.

When the company decided to make the shift to Account-Based Marketing they searched for a partner to help them build a best-practice approach to set them up for success. They had an internal two-person marketing team, an Inbound marketing agency delivering high-quality MQL’s and a solid relationship with sales.

“When we talked to Heinz Marketing, what clicked immediately for us was talking about strategy, collaboration, framework, and working as a partner. Everyone else talked about lead generation. But we wanted the consultative approach: someone to teach us about strategy and how to do the work on our own.”

Susan Curhan
VP Marketing
Vera Whole Health

Empowering vs. Executing

Vera hired Heinz Marketing to develop a full-funnel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program that they could continue to implement on their own after the engagement was over.

The goals were not unusual: increase sales, improve funnel progression and conversion, and reduce customer acquisition costs. Heinz Marketing educated the marketing and sales team about Account-Based Marketing and developed repeatable and scalable processes for Vera to use on their own.

To achieve their long-term goals, the team at Vera Whole Health needed help determining and refining their target market. They also needed processes to be developed, socialized, and implemented across revenue teams, and they wanted to improve the lead qualification process.

For this engagement, Heinz Marketing developed:

  • An account-driven ideal customer profile, buying committee profile, and key buyer personas
  • A full-funnel, multi-channel ABM program that addressed key personas at specific stages of the buyer’s journey and complemented outbound sales efforts with inbound marketing programs
  • A comprehensive content audit that exposed gaps in top of funnel messaging and identified areas of opportunity

“Our engagement with Heinz Marketing was a catalyst for learning from day one. They gave us a set of frameworks that we continue to use. And they facilitated conversations and collaboration between sales and marketing so that marketing is now viewed as a valuable partner helping to achieve company goals.”

Adrian King
Program Manager-ABM
Vera Whole Health

Post-Engagement Results

Since partnering with Heinz Marketing, Vera Whole Health reported that:

  • Marketing is confidently implementing programs on its own. The marketing team uses the original ABM program as a template for campaigns across multiple industry channels.
  • ABM campaigns are now the primary source of marketing-generated opportunity revenue. Inbound marketing leads are converting better with a full-funnel approach.
  • Account prioritization gave marketing the context, knowledge, and insights needed so they could propose a “good / better / best” rubric to the sales team. This helped shift the campaign focus to those accounts more likely to convert.
  • Sales and marketing have improved collaboration. Sales values the improved engagement by prospects and the qualified opportunities the program delivers.

“The team at Heinz Marketing are pipeline strategy experts and were the unanimous choice following a rigorous search for an ABM partner. They designed and delivered an ABM program that helps us meet target contacts where they are in their buying journey and generate leads. The program has delivered. They are great collaborators who deliver on their commitments.”

Susan Curhan
VP Marketing
Vera Whole Health

About Vera Whole Health

Vera Whole Health is leading the critical shift to value-based care across the United States. Vera is the only care model with the capability to deliver whole health to a diverse patient population from a single care center. The Vera Whole Health model is uniquely designed to help people achieve optimum social, psychological, and physical well-being – an outcome that is neither probable nor affordable within the current sick-care system. For more information, visit