If you have clarity on your market and customers, the next step is to identify and execute an integrated marketing and sales strategy focused on driving cost-effective, accelerated growth for your business.

What that program looks like and includes will be unique to your business, customers and market opportunity, but can often include many of the below components:

Lead Generation

Finding qualified customers that measurably convert into customers is the heart of every effective customer acquisition and sales effort. Heinz Marketing has years of experience driving a steady stream of qualified prospects into businesses – focused on measuring, improving and constantly optimizing every channel, and every step of the lead generation process.

Key to most successful lead generation programs is also an effective lead nurturing program, a crucial step between sales and marketing that ensures sales teams are working only with leads that are ready to buy.

Sales Operations & CRM

You can’t manage what you don’t message. Effective sales operations and CRM strategy starts with a system that captures, cultivates and measures every step of the sales process. It also includes a clear sales process, with defined selling and qualification criteria, as well as well-defined stages and CRM tools to quantify and measure progress every step of the way.

Heinz Marketing can help you create, optimize and manage your sales operation and CRM tools – giving you 360-degree clarity on every aspect of your sales and marketing processes.

Sales Team Management

From inside sales floor promotions to enterprise sales leadership, Heinz Marketing can help you get the most out of your sales team. With years of experience motivating and driving performance from a variety of sales team set-ups, Heinz will work with your unique requirements and infrastructure to maximize output, results and revenue.

Channel Development & Marketing

Your market and customers will help define how you sell. Whether you sell direct or through a variety of different channel set-ups, Heinz Marketing can help every step of the way – from channel research and identification, to set-up, training, launch and optimization.

What’s more, effective channel strategies need to be managed, nurtured and improved on a regular basis. Heinz Marketing can manage or work with your existing team to ensure your channel sales strategy is operating and producing at its peak.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

It’s a well-known fact that keeping and accelerating business from your existing customers can be your most profitable path to faster revenue and growth.

Heinz Marketing brings years of experience executing successful customer retention and loyalty programs focused on driving customer satisfaction, frequency and pass-along value. Whether your goal is driving higher transaction volume, better renewal rates, or accelerated referrals to new customers, Heinz Marketing can help.

Social & New Media

Heinz Marketing, a Seattle integrated marketing agency, has a pulse on what’s working among the vast variety of new marketing and media channels available to businesses today. Whether it’s navigating search, building your social media strategy, hosting a community for customers and prospects, or more, Heinz Marketing has the experience to convert new and social media tactics into revenue and results for your business.